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Cleaning Services

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Weekly/ Bi-Weekly/ Monthly Cleaning

Freedom Cleaners takes pride in providing a convenient and thorough cleaning experience with their weekly or bi-weekly or monthly cleanings. Taking advantage of these services can help keep your space looking its best, even if you struggle to stay on top of the maintenance yourself! The deeper type of cleaning done during the bi-weekly or monthly service ensures that commercial businesses won't become overwhelmed by dust, dirt, and clutter – enabling people who tend to collect items an opportunity for de-cluttering too! Commercial cleaning for every type of workplace.

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Deep Clean

A deep clean from Freedom Cleaners is the perfect way to ensure any space sparkles! Whether it's for a special occasion, event cleanup, or just an extra-thorough seasonal refresh - our services are tailored specifically to your needs. We have expertise in removing dirt and dust as well as everywhere germs might hide - like buttons, handles, and flat surfaces in high-traffic areas that may be missed by regular cleaning methods. Let us help you make every inch of your business' facility fresh & spotless today!

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Enhanced Disinfection Services

Keeping your workplace clean and healthy requires more than just surface cleaning. To truly reduce the number of germs, bacteria, and viruses in your environment you need to sanitize AND disinfect surfaces with professional quality tools. Freedom Cleaners offers its proprietary Cleaning Process – developed according to CDC & AORN guidelines - which includes advanced methods for both disinfection services as well as standard cleaning protocols so that you can be certain of getting an unbeatably high-quality clean every time!

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